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Circa dudes on the Banshee Bungee.

by Chris Ray on Nov.08, 2009, under Uncategorized


David got a sick trick with a lil help from Walker Ryan,Tony Tave and Banshee Bungee!

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by Transworld on Apr.28, 2009, under Uncategorized

The Rvca dudes came to town.My dog got to come out and skate for a few nights-she was hyped.Wow-I only took 3 photos?

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Video in works…

by Chris Ray on Nov.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

I need a actual skate photo for the blog..Matt Miller bs 5-0.

Mini Landi made it out for a session.

Theotis and Beach. and Duffel

Theotis skate the triple set in the rain.

Omar sighting

David Reyes

David and Sierra stayed with me for the week and killed it.

Full size Landi


Matt Beach and Elissa Steamer

Mind Field crew rolled out.Can’t wait for that vid!

Mikey bought us Pizza cause he didn’t land his trick.

Chris Yell and Alan Hannon came to shred.

Tyler is gonna blow minds.Trust me…

Sierra Time Lapse

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by Chris Ray on Sep.28, 2008, under Uncategorized

It was my Birthday and we headed to the Zoo.


Sierra Fellers

I finally saw a Kangaroo!

So I spooned with one.

The view from our hotel room.

Surfers paradise

Special thanks to Pete for showing us around and taking good care of us.

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Melbourne Bound

by Chris Ray on Sep.21, 2008, under Uncategorized

Made it out to Oz with the Foundation team.

Sierra Fellers gets ready for our 15 hour flight.

Duffel and Nuge looking tough.

Rhino shoots for Thrasher,but he is still awesome.

Artsy Fartsy Melbourne Drain

David Reyes is confused all day everyday…


Duffman and I.

Do I looook Chiiiineeeese?

Special Thanks to Pete from Melbourne for taking care of us.

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